Complete makeover

The Game of the Golden Age 2.0 is online: try the new features and choose your own difficulty level. The new version is available on all major plaforms. This is what it looks like for the most succesful players

Look of Version 2.0

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English version finally online!

Spel logoOn June 6th we launched  the Game of the Golden Age. The game was previously published in Dutch as the Spel van de Gouden Eeuw. Now, with the support of the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Science (Wassenaar), we have produced an English language version. Have fun!


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The main protagonist

The Game of the Golden Age gives you an insight into the world of a merchant living in Amsterdam in the Golden Age. Hans Thijs (1556-1611) was originally from Antwerp, and between 1595 and 1611 he traded jewellery and leather in Amsterdam and invested heavily in the Dutch East India Company (VOC). We know a lot about Hans Thijs because his grandson, Johan Thysius, founded the Leiden Bibliotheca Thysiana in 1653, to which he donated both his books and the accounts and correspondence of his grandfather. These personal papers reveal a great deal about markets and finance in Amsterdam’s Golden Age.

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Bulk Goods vs. Luxury Products

icoon bulkHuge volumes of bulk goods such as grain, salt, herring, timber, and wine passed through the Amsterdam entrepôt and were traded. These bulk goods typically have a high turnover but low profit margins.

icoon luxeIn contrast, silk, leather, and diamonds are expensive luxuries. They weretraded in smaller volumes and had a low turnover, that is to say, they took a long time to sell, but then they offered high profit margins.

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